4th January 2020

New finds:

Recently Carol came upon a collection of realistic and children’s buttons.


Within this group were some exciting finds: An early Goofy and Mickey, with most unusual shanks

The thick coating of paint makes it uncertain what they are made of; wood ? composition?

Buttons like this were featured in ‘Just Buttons’ (an American magazine) in 1950, and described as from ‘overseas’. They are also seen in Peggy Osborne’s book ‘About Buttons. A Collector’s Guide 150 AD to the Present.’ There they were described as Australian made from the 1930s. Whether this date is correct or not I have not been able to tell. I have seen no advertising of Disney buttons dating to the 1930s. None-the-less they are most probably vintage Australian made buttons, and probably uncommon. It is very exciting to see them.

Just Buttons, September 1957.


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