8th January 2020

Carol was hunting for a green koala button. She didn’t find it (she has a LOT of buttons), but she did find these below …

JHB released the Peter Rabbit series of buttons under licence in 1977 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the publishing of the first of Beatrix Potter”s books in 1902. Hunca Munca and Jemima Puddle Duck were two of these. The other two were Peter Rabbit and Miss Moppet. JHB went to the effort source a company (in Japan) capable of faithfully reproduce the effect of the original water colours. Over the next 11 years, more were released. Beutron must have sold these buttons under licence from JHB at some stage after 1977.

These cheerful little airplanes are also to be found on JHB cards, apparently made in England, so I’m guessing the companies shared other designs as well.

Lastly, she shared a couple more hand painted Coronet ‘basket of flowers’ buttons, as well as a realistic basket of flowers! This is also a hand-painted Coronet button.

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