9th January 2020

Thanks to Deb, a merchandising key ring (we guess):

Whilst not daring to guess what the front designs signify, the backs are more straight forward.

Dale Slacks Pty Ltd.

The company advertised their slacks and shorts from 1946 until they closed in 1980. They had used “sironized” wool, a process which created permanent pleating and creasing, as well as allowing the wool to be washable and non-shrink.

Groovy. The Canberra Times, 28th October 1970.

Papua New Guinea Post-Courier, 21st June 1977.

The Canberra Times, 27th March 1980. The company is now deregistered. Perhaps it did not relocate?

Direct Clothing Company:

Originally the Boys Direct Supply Clothing Store, in 1926 they started selling direct after 20 years of manufacturing.

Advocate, 15th April 1926.

By 1932 the company dropped the word ‘Boys’ from the name, although they were still located at 14-16 Market Lane. In 1956 they advertised from 77 Bourke Street, Melbourne, which is the address on the keyring, except the word ‘Supply’ has also been dropped.


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