11th January 2020

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The Herald, 25th July 1953.

Tailor’s button seen online:

Bon Marché, Perth:

As seen in the advertising below, this store opened in 1884. Unlike most drapers, they sold whips and rifles! They soon moved from Williams Street to Hay Street. By 1886 Mr Collins had sold the concern to  Mr and Mrs Edward Thomas Hope. Mr Hope died  of blood poisoning in August 1894 whilst on holiday back to his birth place of England, aged only 36 years. His eight month old daughter died four months later. The business was sold by his widow in 1895 to Messers George Henry Careeg, Elias Dimant and George Francis Pitchford, although Careeg soon left the partnership

The Daily News, 18th April 1884.

Overtime it became a department store as well as a drapery. It was incorporated as Bon Marche Limited in 1897.

Clare’s Weekly 10th September 1898. The Bon Marche store in Hay Street.

In 1919  a property was bought near the Hay Street store and extended through to Barrack Street. This became known as the Bon Marche Arcade. In 1954 David Jones took over Bon Marche Ltd, and rebranded it as David Jones.

The Bon March Arcade Building, Barrack Street.




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