13th January 2020

Tailors’ buttons, both old and new:

Parker & Geertz, Ipswich:

Theodore Johannes  Geertz (1859-1938) came to Australia from the Danish province of Schleswig-Holstein around 1878, as his family wished to avoid him being forced to serve in the Prussian Army. This partnership with T. H. parker lasted from 1905 until 1911, when Geertz continued on his own.

Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser, 18th August 1906.

See also T. J. Geertz

Ateleir, Melbourne

Ateleir School of Fashion Design and Technology is a registered trainer located in Melbourne.

Billiecart Clothing, Melbourne:

This company started in 189 as a direct-sales children’s wear company. it now has a store in Kensington, Melbourne.

Coogi Australia:

Starting in  Toorak in 1969 as Cuggi, and renamed in 1987 as Coogi, this is a brand of colourful fashion knitwear.

Mossimo Clothing:

An American  fashion brand, previously available in Target and  now Myers.


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