14th January 2020

Tailor’s button:

Foy and Gibson Pty Ltd, Perth W.A.

See the page of Branded Buttons: department store buttons for more.

G. R. Barker, Wangaratta:

G. R. Barker. The Age 15th April 1950.

Sporting Globe, 24th January, 1934.

Mr George Raymond Barker (1898-1970) had a store in Murphy Street, Wangaratta from around 1918. He was heavily involved in the Victorian Country Football league. He also raised prize winning poultry.

In 1932 he had the unpleasant experience of fatally hitting a man with his car. The man had stepped out from behind his parked truck as George was driving past.

You know you have too many objects in your collection, when you don’t realise what you already have. On the 17th December last I shared a photo of a ‘Commonwealth’ brand button sent to me, without realising I owned a couple; so here they are!


Carol has been button shopping. Here are some new finds of hers.

I suppose the white creature is a begging dog, but I agree with Carol that it looks like a meerkat!

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