16th January 2020

Last year I wrote about Birmingham button makers, including Benjamin Sanders. I now have a book based on his memoirs written in 1833. On the cover was a picture of a portrait of the man:

Tailor’s button:

A.F. Cleary & Son, Sydney:

Truth, 10th December, 1911.

Aloysius Frederick Cleary (1878-1948)  advertised as a tailor under his own name from 1908.  He had previously worked as head cutter for Palmer & Son. He listed A. F. Cleary & Sons Ltd in 1930. There were outlets at 757 George Street and 31 Park Street, Sydney. The company was in liquidation in 1935, but was re-listed as A. F. Cleary & Son Pty Ltd by 1937, The company traded until before May 1951, when it was again in liquidation. A son, Ernest Aloysius Cleary, was a solicitor, and a business partner in the firm whilst his brother, Arthur Michael Cleary was also a tailor. Michael was slapped with a large fine for selling material without coupons in 1943.

Truth, 24th October 1943.

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