20th January 2020

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New uniform buttons:

Royal Sydney Golf Club by Amor Sydney:

Club logo.

According to the club’s website (https://www.rsgc.com.au/cms/heritage/history/) the first club house consisted of a couple of rented rooms in a cottage. The second clubhouse was built in 1897. It was at the official opening of this facility that it was announced that the club had been allowed the prefix “Royal” by Queen Victoria. The third club house was built on the site of the current facility in 1903 but burnt down in 1920.

By 1919 the membership numbered almost 1,500. After the fire a larger building was built and opened in July 1922. Further renovations have been necessary due to a further fire, but also to increased membership.

First tee, 1960s.


New South Wales Artillery Button marked “T. L. Nicholson, Sydney”
Thanks to Cam Smith.  Dates 1871-1880 according to Cossum (however Nicholson may not have been making uniforms until 1879).






A card describing the uniform that the button would have graced.

Cumberland Mercury, 3rd May 1879. He did not advertise as a tailor before 1879.

As can be seen from the above advert, Mr Thomas Lovedale Nicholson( 1831-1891) was a  Naval, military and civil tailor in Kings Street. He was born in Paramatta who had been “a bit of a bohemian” before joining the Independant Order of Good Templars (a temperance organisation) around 1877 and straightening himself out. This lodge seems to have been politically active. Tom became an alderman then mayor of Ashfield. Perhaps it was the influence of the Order that secured him large government contracts. He had a large family of 13 children (11 who were alive in 1881) and had been a keen cricketer.

He had a mixed career as a business man. In he a failed foray into mining. In 1867, as a cordial manufacturer in Dubbo, he was insolvent. Back in Sydney by 1875 as a tailor he was again insolvent in 1876, then again in 1884. He died 21st July, 1891.

The Bulletin, 11th June 1881.


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