4th February 2020

New Finds:

Not glass, but lucite or similar.

New KKKs (koala/kangaroo/kookaburra):

Subtle impressed koala.

Cheap quality metalised plastic buttons in the style of Qantas uniform buttons.

Stokes backmarks:

Deborah recently pointed out a detail on the back of Stokes & Sons buttons that I has not noticed before. It appears that button makers (not just Stokes) often put ‘puncuation’ between parts of the backmarks: see below for images from oldcopper.org showing dots and crosses.

At times Stokes used a single dot, 3 dots arranged in a triangle, a dash, a star, an asterix, Prince of Wales feathers, and symbol with 4 circles.

This AMF (1916-1952) button has the Prince of Wales feathers between the beginning and end of “Stokes & Sons”.

This Bendigo (or Ballarat?) Tramways button has a partly worn 4 -circles symbol.

Looking at my own buttons, I can’t say there was a rhythm or reason to this. There may have been a tendancy to use a single dot in the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth eras and the other symbols in between, but not exclusively?? It may have been at the whim of the designer.

Please let us know if you have any knowledge about this!

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