17th February 2020

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New finds:

Carol has the Beauclaire Rose on a Roger Berry card. Roger Berry was a distributor, not a manufacturer and distributed General Plastic buttons, and possibly other’s, on their own branded cards.

Also from Carol:

The ‘Young Australia League’ was renamed in 1905 from the ‘Young Australia Football League’ which had been started in Perth and Freemantle that same year to promote the Australia code over other codes as part of a broader nationalist agenda, with a broadened interest covering literature, literature, debating, band music, sport and theatrical performances, and well as outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. They believed in “Education through Travel” and organised tours for West Australian school aged boys. After WW1 branches were started in other States. In now operates only in West Australia.












John Joseph  (Jack) Simons (1882-1948) was a West Australian businessman, newspaper publisher  and politician.

New Tailor’s button:

Jas. Coultas, Perth. W. A:

In March, 1896 James Coultas (1850-1910) “the well-known Melbourne tailor”  commenced business in Barrack street, Perth. He was the brother of Southwell Coultas (mentioned previously) and had worked with him in Melbourne from around 1881-1888. He had set up on his own in Collins Street, but struggled, filing for bankruptcy in 1892.

The Daily News, 26th August, 1950. This old photo shows the business of James Coultas, tailor-mercer, between the two telephone poles.

He moved to Perth and  died there in 1910.

Western Mail, 2nd July 1910.

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