25th February 2020

On the 22nd January I showed some pictures of buttons that I had missed out on. As luck would have it, more came up. Here is the pink version of the blue diamente flower: Absolutely gorgeous!

The shank of this button is one of 2 common shanks I have observed with Beauclaire buttons; an irregular shape with rounded ends and a rounded ‘bite’ out of each side as seen from the top.

The other common shank is a wedge shape when seen from the side.

I have some designs, like the rose, with both shank versions. I can only guess as to why there were 2 shank varieties; either one was superseded the other, or two different factories with differing moulds were producing the buttons.

One of the other buttons I shared on 22nd January has a “non-standard” shank. It is a round post with a domed top. I wonder was this an imported button, as it does say “from New York” on the card. ( I don’t know whether this phrase refers to the buttons or just to the design.)


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