27th February 2020

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New finds:

Trouser/Brace buttons:

Trouser/brace (or in America, suspender) buttons stamped with inscriptions such as ‘Double ring edge’ have existed since at least the 1860s until the 1930s.

‘The Monster Card’ of brace/trouser buttons were advertised in Australia from 1905 until 1924, although in 1924 the card was described as having only 12 buttons. The ‘Best Ring Edge’ buttons were made in England, as seen on the below version of the card. I have also seen ‘Monster Card For the Million’ labelled ‘Made in Czecholslovakia’ (from 1918 onwards) with a slightly different card and also a ‘Monster Card of Patent Boot Buttons’.

The one penny pricing may date this example from 1905-1916 by the Australian advertising.

The Sun (Sydney) 1st July 1913. A bargain price for a dozen cards.

Card of pearl sequins: I’m not sure if it’s creepy or cute?

I wouldn’t want to sew such choking hazards on a baby’s clothes.



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