4th April 2020

New Button Manufacturer/s:

British Novelties Pty. Ltd. and Datar Products.

The Daily Telegraph, 15th May 1940.

This company started in 1940. It advertised for tradesmen and factory workers, producing products such as cigarette cases and buttons and was located at 144 Mallett St, Camperdown, NSW.

In 1942 a plastic products company, Datar Products, was started.

Wise’s Post Office Directory, April 1942. It changed ownership to Bernard Francis Jackson in 1943.

By 1946 it had moved to the same address as British Novelties, and was making button blanks.

Wise’s Post Office Directory, 1948.

In 1953 the owner of Datar Products was applying for British Novelties to be wound up. What had happened? Had British Novelties collapsed? Had Datar been providing button blanks for British Novelties, and not paid? Had the two companies simply merged. There were problems, as there were law hearings related to equity (whatever that means) in the District Court of NSW. I have not found out how long Datar existed for.

Dun’s Gazette, 27th November 1953.


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