12th April 2020

A mystery. Who were these manufacturers?

This one was established in Melbourne around September 1946. Did they sell, or fold?

The Argus, 5th July 1947.

There were a lot of metal working firms in Sydney who made buttons during the war. Was this one of them?

Sydney Morning Herald, 27th August, 1947.

For sale in David Jones in 1940.

The Sun, 10th November, 1940.

And now Otto Meyer’s  opinion of Dior, as reported in the Macleay Argus, 20th May 1953.











Mr Meyer was probably correct that you had to have no tummy, or hips and a tiny waist, but to say “men won’t put up with it” is to miss the point of who fashion is aimed at!

Mr Meyer is probably Otto Martin meyer, born in Bremmen in 1913, arrived in Australia in 1940 and held as a German war internee despite being Jewish. I have only found record of him listed as a director of a company called Berne Silk P/L, so cannot confirm he was involved in button manufacturing.

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