13th April 2020

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D. C. Quinn Pty/ltd: Manufacturer of Delphi Buttons:

Sydney Phone Directory, November 1954.

D. C. Quinn Pty Ltd was registered  on 1st October 1952 and deregistered on 9th October 2012. They were listed at 3-5 Athol Street, Leichhardt, NSW. As these are  two  1930s style red brick homes, the factory must have been small, and set up in the backyards.

Number 3 has been rendered, but older photos show it to be of the same red brick as number 5.

Although described up to 1969 (at least) as a button factory, they also undertook metal work. A 1970-71 report regarding (amongst other items) casein button blanks with regard to import duties as impacted by Free Trade Agreements with New Zealand included the following companies as interested:

Carter & Co Pty Ltd were distributors.

Quinn was supplying button blanks from two extruders with a small work force.

Further information on the button industry follows:

It was noted that G. Herring (NZ) produced by far the largest quantity of blanks. Note that General Plastics in New Zealand, as in Australia, was at least part owned by Beutron.

Apart from a small amount of blanks exported, Beutron had sold no blanks to other manufacturers for the six years up to 30th June, 1970; it was noted that the other companies probably didn’t want to buy from a competitor! However, Bijou, Carter and Maxart imported button blanks from New Zealand. Beutron and Quinn appeared to be using all their own blanks.

The NZ blanks were slightly cheaper, but local production allowed for better quality control and also the ability to quickly supply blanks as needed.

The report recommended reduction in import duties from New Zealand as it was unlikely to effect the local market much.

So despite the fact that Delphi buttons only appeared on the market for a short period around 1954, they kept making blanks. As they sold finished buttons under they own name, and then under Walkers branding,  presumably they made finished buttons as well. But for how long?

It appears that Delphi  was merged with Beauclaire.  However, this box came from New Zealand, so perhaps this was a joint product of Quinn, and General Plastics (NZ) who supplied their blanks.



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