19th April 2020

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New Finds:

There appears to be a clear plastic disc with the pupil of the eye on it fixed onto the duck’s eye. This feature was lost in later versions of the duck. They are still made today, but without any detailing.

From  1960 ‘Pink pages’ directory, Sydney:

A mystery solved!


“ALWATCO” stands for A. L. Watson  Manufacturing Company Pty Ltd, who made or supplied buttons and buckles as well as other products, on a wholesale basis only. It existed from July 1954-July 1999.


Made by one company, distributed by another:

In the 1947 listing, the name Beauclaire is not yet in use. Note that general Plastics also made cabinet handles and button mounds.

General Plastics advertised the brand ‘Beauclaire’ in the  Sydney 1951-1954 directories. The 1955-1959 years are not available online, yet. In newspapers and magazine ‘Beauclaire’ is advertised up to 1957, then ‘Leda by Beauclaire’ in 1958.  In the above 1960 directory entry, General Plastics is simply making ‘Leda’ buttons.

You can see the effect of the gradual merging of General Plastics into G. Herring (later Beutron Pty Ltd). It appears that General Plastics had become a subsidiary. G. Herring quickly phases out the main competing brand name, and gets General Plastic to make, and Roger Berry to distribute, the Leda line of buttons. Long live Beutron. Farewell Beauclaire.


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