16th April 2016

It is easier,  although not always,  to tell the maker of a button if it is carded.  However,  the advertising in old magazines can help.  Here are some loose buttons that appear to be Beutrons from the 1950’s,  along with details from some adverts of the same from the Australian Women’s Weekly dated 1953-4.

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I’m very pleased to have acquired a Stokes & Martin button.  The partnership between Thomas Stokes and G.F. Martin lasted from circa 1867 until 1893.  This button is from a New South Wales military uniform,  which dates the button from 1876 as that is when the emblem of  “a lion passant guardant  on a cross  between 4 stars of 8 points”  and a Queen’s (Victoria) crown was declared.


A NSW military uniform badge.

A NSW military uniform badge.

 So the era of this button is from about  1876 to 1893.  Of extra interest is the fact that the design is in error,  given that the stars have only 5 points each!  (c.f. the C.Anderson button below which has the correct 8 pointed stars).

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NSW military brass uniform button dated 1881-1901. made by C.Anderson, Sydney

NSW military brass uniform button dated 1881-1901.  Made by C.Anderson, Sydney

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