9th May 2016

I recently purchased 4 uniform buttons for the Melbourne Fire Brigade.  When they arrived I noticed that one was slightly smaller and the spacing between the initals was different.   Sure enough,  it was made by a different button maker.  The 3 were made by Stokes and Sons.  The odd one out was “MADE IN ENGLAND FOR A.BOWLEY & CO. FLINDERS LANE MELBOURNE”.

Alfred Bowley and Co. were naval and military uniform outfitters situated in Flinders Lane from circa 1893 to 1945.  The Alfred Bowley Building was demolished in 1960,  the site being used for expansion of the Temperence and General (T&G) Building.

Screen shot 2016-05-09 at 7.03.12 PM

The Stokes and Sons button, centre, has a larger gap between the F and B.

Screen shot 2016-05-09 at 7.03.27 PM

A crowded reverse side to the English made version.

published in The Age 24th April 1945

Published in The Age 24th April 1945.

Thanks to Carol for sharing pics of her collection with us.  Check out the Beauclaire and Woolworths pages!

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