26th May 2016

Sometimes a collector finds something exciting.  Those you have read the page on Coronet buttons will have seen my small collection of Disney character buttons dated from 1948-1953.  Novelty buttons are very popular amongst collectors in the States.  These Disney buttons are hard to find for these collectors,  and only tend to come from Australian sources.  Today I received 4 Donald Duck buttons in the mail.  They are the same design as the metal example I already owned,  although with a different colour background.  However,  the metal button is further embedded into a plastic surround,  making quite a fancy button.  Of further interest,  on one button his beak is coloured orange as apposed to white as on the others.  Hopefully there are more Disney characters out there waiting for me!

Screen shot 2016-05-26 at 7.43.47 PM


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