29th July 2016

I’m sorry Carol.  I didn’t think it would come to this,  but I’m going to have to kill you for your card of Mickey Mouse buttons (and the Beutron kiddie cards whilst I’m at it).  They’re just too tempting….

Mickey Buttons

And now to show you my latest offering … which,  sigh,  doesn’t quite compare.

Screen shot 2016-07-29 at 5.18.22 PM Screen shot 2016-07-29 at 5.18.43 PM

Now the Target buttons were probably not made in Australia,  as they are not labelled as such.  I’m guessing they date from the 1970’s.  I’ve included them as Target is an Australian chain.  George Lindsay and Alex McKenzie opened the first  ‘Empororama’ in Geelong in 1926.  In 1968 the business was bought out by Myers Emporium and re-named as Lindsay’s Target Pty Ltd.  The name was further changed in 1973 to Target Australia Pty. Ltd. The ‘Beetle’ buttons are quite cute and were available in several colours.  This style is still available today.


(Carol sent me an email.  She is safe for now; the Disney card isn’t part of her collection.)

1 thought on “29th July 2016

  1. Sonya Macdonald

    Ahem… maybe not, but it IS part of mine…
    Luckily you don’t know where I live. Yet. 😉


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