Nov-Dec 2015

In 2015 this blog was only getting started. Here’s a digest of stories and buttons shared during this time:

The card above is printed with Oz Works P L, and a pre 1995 Richmond (Melbourne) telephone number.  This company was listed as employing 5 people and is variously described as dealing with finance,  “durable goods”,  “mass consumption goods”,  plastic products,  wholesaling,  and market consultancy.  Although the card the buttons on was printed in Australia, who knows where the buttons came from? Cute ducks though.

This card is one of a cute series made for children to collect in the 1950s. You could send in for a booklet to keep them in!

Marian Clark featured some of these in her blog, including some lovely advertising. See

A convict artist:

Apparently a prisoner at Freemantle Gaol who was good at art used to rip off his lead buttons to draw on the walls of his cell with.  The authorities would have his work painted over,  but he would just make more art.  On checking out the Wikipedia entry on Freemantle goal;  this was probably James Walsh,  a 19th century forger whose  art work was found hidden under layers of whitewash. (The photos of some of his art below are from

I just had to add the following from 1960 in The Australian Women’s Weekly.  I’m sure they seemed like good ideas at the time!

Australian Women’s Weekly 2nd November 1960.

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