23rd October 2016

A couple of days ago a unusual container of buttons were left on the front porch;  a Tupperware bowl taped up and with the postage pasted on the lid containing over a kilo of buttons.  No envelope,  box or other packaging.  Here’s what I picked out from the stash.

Beauclaire and Beutron buttons, a Beutron buckle and some Puaha shell.

Beauclaire and Beutron buttons,  a Beutron buckle and some Paua shell.

Continuing on in my series on teenagers in Australian media: The 1960’s

Women's Weekly 20th April 1960.

Women’s Weekly 20th April 1960.  “Dianne,  in her search for a book,  wears slim palatine slacks and a side buttoning jerkin.  Carol Anne in a buttoned car coat of palatine trimmed with matching corded velvet collar and cuffs. Rosemary’s jacket,  cut straight from a wide yoke,  tops a slim skirt with a deep slit backed by an extra panel in the back.


4th October 1961.  A lively young dress named  ‘Rosanne’.

And for the boys;


Casual shirt of mediallion-printed gold cotton with a continental collar with matching bermudas.


Slim-line sports coat with cut-away jacket, narrow lapels and Stiletto trousers of terylene-and-wool. Narrow-brim, brown straw hat tops off the outfit. And don’t forget to encourage the young to smoke because it’s cool.

19th September 1962. This is so bad it's good! What a lovely teenage couple.

19th September 1962.  This is so bad it’s good!  What a lovely teenage couple.

19th September 1962

19th September 1962.  So Jacqueline Kennedy.

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