25th October 2016

One of my favourite button activities is to investigate  a new (to me) manufacturer.  I’ve just received six NZ Railways buttons. Three were from England, one from A.Levy, and the last from the Wellington Woollen Manufacturing Company, Limited.

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This company was incorporated in 1882 and commenced manufacturing in 1886.  The head office,  warehouse and clothing factory were situated in a three/four story brick building in Petone,  near Wellington.  The mills were also in Petone.

Published 30th-november-1885-the-manawatu-standard

Published 30th November 1885 in The Manawatu Standard

The head Office, corner of Willeston and Victoria Streets, Petone.

The head Office,  corner of Willeston and Victoria Streets, Petone.

Looms in the mill, c.1906

Looms in the mill.

The Warehouse, Wellington in the 1920's.

This Warehouse in Christchurch was opened around 1918.  Photo from the 1920’s.

Here are the latest acquisitions:



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