26th February 2017

Two English brothers, Edwin and Walter Pike, came to Brisbane in 1883.  They established their business,  Pike Brothers,  in 1885.

Published 16th may 1885 in the Queensland Figaro.

Published 16th may 1885 in the Queensland Figaro.

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They were successful,  and opened branches around Queensland,  as well as an office in London.  In 1956 the firm was bought by the Melbourne outfitters,  Leviathan (for more,  see the tailor’s button page) although the stores continued to trade under the name Pikes Brothers,  then simply ‘Pikes’.

4th July 1903

Published in The Telegraph 4th July 1903.

Latest finds:

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You can’t get more Australian than budgies!

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This was sold as a 1940’s button.

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Metal coated Beauclaire and Beutron designs.

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