23rd March 2017

Back in June last year a member of the Victorian  Button Collectors club told me a story involving legal action by G. Herring against General Plastics.  Looking at some of my buttons last week she was able to tell me more.  In approximately 1950 she was a young lady.  One day she visited the haberdashery store near her work place where she had some goods on order.  A button sales rep. was there and told her  that General Plastics had produced buttons using G. Herring’s Opal-glo’ formula.  Due to this dispute the supply of these buttons was on hold.   Apparently the industrial chemist/engineer who had developed the formula was now working for General Plastics and believed that it belonged to him rather than his previous employer. This was probably a bit naive of him as G.Herring Pty. Ltd. registered the design on the 20th December 1948.  I can’t find any record of this in the papers,  but of course the issue may have been settled out of court.  In my collection I notice that Beauclaire ‘Moonglow’ buttons are replaced by ‘Superglow’ buttons.  Perhaps this change of marketing reflects a change of the formula used to settle this dispute?

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