24th March 2017

Continuing with tailoring buttons:

Buckley & Nun Ltd. Melbourne

Mars Buckley c1825-1905.

Mars Buckley c1825-1905. from http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/buckley-mars-3104

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In 1851 Mars Buckley, an Irishman,  came to the goldfields to sell goods.  He formed a partnership with Crumpton Nunn (1828-1895), an Englishman,  the following year.  Nunn would return to London to run that office of the company.  The Bourke street store, ( stores with the opening of the men’s  store) became the fashionable places to shop.  Fashionable ladies would meet in the tea rooms.   In 1900 Mr Buckley would claim his store was ” the oldest established Drapery House in Victoria and the most fashionable Resort for Shopping in Australia.” The store was purchased by David Jones in 1982.

Built in 1911-12 then extended in 1920-22.

Edwardian-Baroque style: Built in 1911-12 and extended in 1920-22.


The neighbouring Mens Store in Art Deco style built in 1933.

Guest & Glover, Melbourne

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Guest and Glover were tailors from around 1930-1952,  at first on the second floor,  The Block, then later at 234 Collins Street.

Advocate(Melbourne) 21st June 1934.

Advocate(Melbourne) 21st June 1934.

O’Brien & Earle, Melbourne

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Frederick Davidson Earle (1888-1947) and Lorne Alfred O’Brien were tailors in the Manchester Unity Buildings around 1929 to 1956.

The Argus, 5th January 1934.

The Argus, 5th January 1934.

Lunn & Holmes Pty. Ltd., Shepparton

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In 1922 Arthur Lunn and Tom Holmes,  who had previously worked for another tailor, John Zimmerman, in Maryborough,  established their own business in Shepparton at 170 Wyndham Street.  They prospered and listed the company in 1929.  Tragically, Mr Lunn died suddenly of a seizure whilst driving his car.  He was only 47 years at the time.  The company continued until 1958.

Advocate, 4th August 1938.

Advocate, 4th August 1938.


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