31st March 2017

For those of us that love vintage items, a large part of the appeal lies in the history attached to these items.  While we may love vintage collectables for aesthetic reasons,  the story behind them adds to the appeal.  For me , it is frustrating not to know where or when a card of buttons came from!  That is why I collect buttons on cards,  even if the cards are shabby.  They allow me to match designs to particular companies and/or time frames.  In light of this,  I have a new intriguing find.  The name “Beutron” was first used by G. Herring for its buttons around 1946. (Interesting side note: there was a race horse named Beutron from 1941 and another around 1953.  I’d guess that one or both were owned by someone to do with the company.) The company started producing buttons around 1933,  so there is an approximately 13 year period when the buttons were otherwise labelled.  I may have an answer as to at least one line of buttons they produced: “Bonnie Buttons”!

Screen shot 2017-03-31 at 4.23.38 PM

The design on the top is definately a G. Herring design (see below) However, these buttons have been re-sewn onto the card.  Could some-one have used a Bonnie Button card for non-Bonnie buttons?

Screen shot 2017-03-31 at 4.25.03 PM

Presuming that the buttons had come loose as the card was cut to sell a customer some buttons, and that they are in fact G.Herring buttons,  then this was a name used by the company circa early to mid 1940’s.

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