23rd May 2017

At the Buttonfest I found more variations of the “Beauclaire Rose”.  It is amazing how many colours,  finishes and designs were based around the basic rose.  (The photos below include some I’ve shared before to give an idea of range).

Love the ‘Pop Art’ effect of the square mount backed by a target-like backing plate.  Old Gold,  Gold and Silver metallic finishes as well as many shades,  including pearlised and clear,  in plastic.

Here’s a group of late 1960’s Astor cards.

And some Rex Buttons from ?1950’s to 1980’s?

I’m glad to have found some Delphi and Cygnet cards.  Both these companies were merged with (or had their stock bought out by) Walkers and Beauclaire.

Finally,  for today:  some Myer Emporium Buttons.  The card is certainly a Beutron’s,  re-badged for Myer.  The black glass buttons have  Myer paper glued over the stitching at the back to allow a larger card to be cut up without the remaining buttons falling off.



One thought on “23rd May 2017

  1. Cheryl

    Great website. Who doesn’t love an old button especially when you know its provenance. I have quite a few myself that I cannot part with.


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