9th June 2017

For this post I have a couple of uniform buttons;  one colonial,  one new.

This button was unearthed by  metal detector in Heathcote,  Victoria.  It is backmarked ‘Stokes and Martin  Melb’ (I’ve deliberately photographed the back without the flash as it shows up the faded backmark) which dates it from 1867-1892.  It is an artillery button,  but without the usual crown over the gun.  From other (although more recent)  examples online,  this may mean it was from the Royal Artillery Uniformed Staff Association.

The button below was reflecting the light like crazy … I did the best I could.  It is a post 1953 West Australian Police force button made by Sheridan’s in Perth (my first Sheridan!).


And now my latest cards;  an Astor from 1966 and an 70’s Maxart buckle.




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