1st July 2017

Have found another button maker!  Rider and Bell is a light engineering firm established in 1920.  It is now located in Peakhurst,  but in the 1940-50’s was in Rhodes,  Sydney.  The Library of NSW has some photos of the manufacture of fireman’s brass helmets at Rider and Bell in 1958,  which is nice as I now have a bunch of Fire Brigade buttons.


Here is a new Beauclaire card:

This photo was originally in a Victorian Button Collector’s magazine;  what a wonderful buckle and button set!

2 thoughts on “1st July 2017

  1. Carol Fenselau

    I just adore the Kangaroo buckle and button set! BUT !! I can not imagine how long the Kangaroo tails would last on the buttons. As it would appear these dear creatures would be “manxed ” very quickly! Buttoning up would be difficult,time consuming and annoying, I think they may be a novelty or a tourist gift. I hope I find a set some day. Thanks Cathy.
    Carol F.


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