4th July 2017

This is one of the most expensive Australian cards I have yet bought.  The last time I was one for sale I hesitated,  and so missed out!  I didn’t want to make the same mistake. The seller claimed they were bought at Disneyland soon after it opened (17th July 1955 for your information).

Although the manufacturer is not marked on the card,  there is evidence to suggest they were made in Australia.  Another button collector has seen Disney buttons on Coronet cards.  Also,  this type of button is listed in ‘Antique & Collectible Buttons: Identification & Values, Vol. 2. by Debra J. Wisniewski as “Disney buttons from Australia c 1940’s”.

Carol and I are very fond of ‘K’ buttons  (kangaroos, koalas and kookaburras).  She has sent me some photos of her collection. I realised that I had enough pictures of these cuties to give them a dedictated page in this blog. The new page is called “Australian Fauna”.


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