12th July 2017

Latest acquisitons from last night’s Button Club meeting:

Royal blue Coronet and Roger Berry buttons.  The R.B.’s are a deep saucer shape.

The Embassy date from c.1959,  the Woolworth’s from 1957-1965 and the Leda’s from the early-mid 1960’s.

Here’s something significant ….

The white buttons are on a partial “Modern Miss” card. They are the same pattern as those on the Beauclaire card.

It appears that the “Modern Miss” buttons were a product of General Plastics. The company (and its previous incarnations) existed from around 1920,  but the brand name ‘Beauclaire’ wasn’t adopted until around 1951.  As previously mentioned, they also had un-named cards with a sketch of a ‘Lovely Lady’ (as I’ve dubbed it).

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