2nd August 2017

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E.J. & D. Curran; Bathurst

Edward J. Curran (originally Curren) was originally a cutter for  W.G. Ward in Bathurst.  He set up his own business, Curran and Taylor,  in 1892,  then E.J. & D. Curran (with his brother Daniel) in 1895,  which was very successful.

The building of E.J. and D. Curran, Bathurst.

National Advocate (Bathurst), 1st April 1932.

This remarkable man went back to school,  studying science and law,  and worked as a Barrister in Sydney. He then studied medicine, and went on to establish the Opthamologly Department at Kansas University, USA, becoming known as “the miracle man of Kansas”, and was a pioneer in the area of glaucoma.  He was also the Professor of Human Anatomy and Physiology at the Kansas University.  Not bad for a tailor!  He died in 1962.

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