5th August 2017

After yesterday’s post Carol wasted no time in sending me her extensive collection of cherry buttons. (Of course!  That’s what they are!)

Carol’s Beutron cherry buttons.

Studying the manufacture of plastic buttons has opened up my eyes to the size of the plastic industry within Australia in the past century.  I had know idea how large it was!  I’ve become interested in vintage plastics and started to collect some in a small way.  I purchased a set of Nally Ware canisters yesterday.  I’ve mentioned this company on the ‘Federation to WW2’ page.  These canisters probably date from the 1960’s.  Whilst I love the older (1940-1950’s) Australian bakelite/plastic kitchenware,  they have become very collectable and expensive!  Also,  they are often,  because of their age,  incomplete and or damaged.  My Mum laughed to think that the 1960’s canisters which she was glad to get rid of because they were so dated are now desirable!

There were also smaller spice canisters in this style.  The company was based in Sydney.

Another piece I’ve collected is this boxed measuring set that dates from around 1940.  The brand is Duperite Harlequin,  made by Moulded Products in Melbourne.


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