28th August 2017

Carol’s been buying more buttons (Carol’s always buying more buttons). She’s found a button that will make military buttons drool…another “unofficial” Rising Sun button. Eat your heart out Tony!

Here’s some new tailor’s buttons:

R.Finch, Beechworth:

Richard Finch (1830-1910) was one of the earliest settlers of Beechworth.  He came to Victoria in 1854,  lured by the gold rush.  He would set up as a clothier and tailor in Ford Street,  later joined by his sons. After his retirement in 1902 his sons  to continued the business.

Ovens and Murray Advertiser, 12th October 1901.

Casben Productions Ltd: Sydney.

Casben productions made swim shorts, shorts, and sportswear from around 1946 to approx 1962. It was (or became) a subsidary of Whitmont shirt company. The Company was named after Wilfred Casben, who was also involved with other clothing firms.

Australian Women’s Weekly, 1951


2 thoughts on “28th August 2017

  1. Campbell Smith

    Hi Carol?,
    I was wondering if you could please let me know if the Australian Forces button has a backmark?
    Do you have an image of the back?
    Thanks for a great website – I particularly enjoy the Australian Military ones.
    Many thanks

    1. abuttonadmin Post author

      No, there is no backmark. I also have one of these rare “unoffical” buttons i.e. they were made to meet demand but are not government approved design.



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