3rd September 2017

New finds:

The card had holes punched it it for the shafts to sit in then cotton was threaded from one button to the next from the back without having to sew through the card. The card below is only marked “made in Australia” but with no brand name. As they are boil proof and iron proof, they are probably from the 1940-50’s.


One thought on “3rd September 2017

  1. Sonya Macdonald

    Hi folks, just found your blog and so thankful for your keen knowledge of buttons. Are you on facebook at all? Anyhow I have a question – my gran passed on a collection of buttons to me and in the mix are a lot of very simple early casein buttons (I’ll try to send a picture) that are simply sliced and ‘pressed’ with grooves, like you would yoyo biscuits with a fork 🙂 They are mostly unused (Gran had them new to sew as spares on the inside hem of dresses when she worked for a drycleaner in Adelaide).
    Anyhow, very happy to have found you and keen to ask questions from time to time 🙂 Cheers.


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