26th September 2017

For the first time in over a year I revisited my husband’s long-gone grandmother’s buttons and sewing items.  I didn’t realist there were some tailor’s buttons amongst them.  (It was Daisy’s buttons that started me asking questions about buttons and lead me to the Victorian Button Collector’s Club.)  Daisy and her husband Richard Glover lived in Brighton and had a business in Bridport Street,  South Melbourne.

C. A. Jago,  South Melbourne:

Charles Arthur Jago (1893-1955),  in partnership with his uncle,  Holmes Gillman Jago,  were merchant tailors in Bank Street.  His uncle retired in 1927.

Published in the Record, 4th September 1908.

Possible original premises in Bank Street.

189 Bank Street, the advertised new premises.

W. Beckefeld, Albert Park:

From 1921 until circa 1933,  the premises of William Frederick Beckefeld’s tailoring business was only several shops down from Glover’s hardware store in Bridport Street.  How convenient!

Also from her sewing kit, some cotton reels and linen thread.

One of the Embassy cottons is labelled ‘British Made’,  but the other ‘Made in Australia’.

I thought  J.Dewhurst & Sons, Skipton were Australian,  but this advert shows they were British.

Australian Women’s Weekly, 1939.

Detail from Coles advertisement in January 1939 in many newspapers.

James Miller & Co. Pty. Ltd. were rope,  twine,  & mat manufacturers located in Yarraville, then later Brunswick and Warragul.  The company was founded in 1868 by James Miller and grew into the largest rope,  thread and twine makers in the country.  It was liquidated in 1978.

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