14th October 2017

Thanks so much to Robyn and the committee for such a wonderful Buttonfest today.  As usual much money was spent on new treasures!  Sorry to those not able to make it.  Perhaps you will make it next year;  it is a great opportunity to learn,  met nice people and add to your collection!

I bought a uniform button today that sent me researching  Trove (the National Library of Australia’s online collection of scanned historical newspapers and more) as well as my Ancestory subscription. It has cleared up a tailoring mystery.







Walter Monckton: Fitzroy then Melbourne.

Walter was born in Fitzroy in 1856.  Around 1870 he was apprenticed as a tailor,  and with his brother John continued in this trade until retirement.  He first traded from Brunswick Street, Fitzroy,  and later in Flinders Street, Melbourne.  He emmigrated to Surrey, England some time after 1919 and lived out his years there.

I have previously shared this picture of a W.Mockton uniform button with you.







There appears to have been confusion over the spelling of Walter’s surname,  with the variations of Mockton, Moncton and Monckton occuring, the last being the correct one.  Whilst I have got used to this kind of error/confusion over names whilst researching genealogy,  this is the first time I have discovered this in button collecting.

There is a picture of a Moncton uniform available via Trove:


One thought on “14th October 2017

  1. Michael Thompson

    I excavated (Wednesday 9.5.18) a W. Moncton button identical to the artillery button at top while metal detecting in a southern Sydney public reserve. Thankyou for providing me with the background I needed to Identify this relic!
    I can provide photos. Let me know!


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