19th October 2017

Here’s a collection of Woolworths and Coles buttons from the late 1960s into the 1970s.

Now for something different.

From 1940 onwards a handy item was advertised for sale: the Teledex! This advert was  published in The Land (Sydney) 20th December 1940. They were originally made of bakelite. Later there were metal versions. This style was still being sold in 1954 (and possibly later).

Here are some variations.

The Sun (Sydney) 28th August 1946.













Die Castors started way back in 1926,  making quality car furnishings (like door handles and windscreen wipers) in Richmond. In 1937 the company expanded to Adelaide and England.

They were producing Kingsley Ware in the 1950s, and were still in existence in the 1960s.



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