28th October 2017

Do you have “a soul above buttons”? 

This phrase,  now out of usage,  seems to have indicated that you were (at least in your own estimation) superior to your current occupation or situation i.e.  that you deserved better!  It dates back at least to 1795,  but has not appeared in Australian newspapers since 1946.

Do you “have all your buttons (on)”?

  I hope so! Until the 1920’s this suggested you “didn’t have all your marbles”.


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  1. helen

    some more nonesense for the blog!!
    Definition of button up

    transitive verb
    1 :to close tightly and securely a tank buttoned up and ready for action
    2 :to carry to completion button up an order or assignment
    3 :to bring to complete and final decision or irrevocable settlement
    intransitive verb
    :to become mum

    button up
    1. To fasten the buttons on an item of clothing. A noun can be used between “button” and “up.” Button up your coat, it’s cold out today! Remember to button your jacket up before you go into the interview.
    2. To finish a task; to put the finishing touches on something. Don’t worry, I’ll be ready in five minutes—I’m just about done buttoning up my paper.
    3. To be quiet. Hey, button up! We don’t need to hear any more out of you today! Julie knew better than to speak when her father was so angry, so she buttoned up for the moment.
    4. To close something, typically a place, securely. I hope you buttoned up the store before you left for the night.
    See also: button, up
    Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved.


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