25th November 2017

Even more tailor’s buttons:

Ben Cohen, Melbourne:

Benjamin Cohen (1853-1935),  tailor and outfitter, operated from 252 Collins Street from around 1902, then the Flinders Building in Flinders Street from around 1911.  In 1920 he was listed in the Eastern Arcade.  The Eastern Arcade no longer exists, but ran from Lt Collins Street to Bourke Street in between Russell and Exhibition Streets.  In 1922  a Ben Cohen was arrested for running an illegal betting house in the Eastern Arcade, so presumably in was the same man! Readers may realise he is not the first tailor in Melbourne to be charged for this!

Howes and Howes, Sydney:

The Sun, 8th June 1911.

Howes and Howes opened in Pitt Street  in 1889, and were still located there in 1954.  I have not been able to find out how long the firm lasted.  One of the original “Howes” was Alfred Howes;  the other may have been a brother.  His father, George Howes was also a tailor in Sydney from at least 1854, and was considered a father of the  trade in that city, having trained or employed many of the city’s tailors.  He died in 1909 at the age of 81 years. Alfred was born in Sydney in 1864,  and died after surgery for appedicitis in 1919.  In his will Alfred left the business to be run as a limited company,  with his family and old employees as the founding shareholders. 

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