28th November 2017

Final of the current series of tailor’s buttons:

S.J. Dalley, Melbourne:

Samuel John Dalley (1868-1923)  operated from the first floor of the Finks Building around 1901-1905.

The Finks Building stood on the corners of Elizabeth and Flinders Streets,  opposite the station.  It was one of the tallest buildings erected in the boom-time of the 1880s in Melbourne.  In 1898 a fire nearly destroyed a whole city block,  including this building.  It was rebuilt some years later, but the original ornate roofline was not restored.  The building was finally demolished in 1960.

C.R. Hiam, Balaclava:

The name is rather worn.

Charles Robert Hiam (1855-1924) established his tailoring business in 1887 in Carlisle Street,  Balaclava having previously worked for Gissing and Co. He advertised “cricketing and sporting garments made to order” and was at one time “the oldest established tailor in St Kilda.”

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