30th November 2017

Oh, dear … the computer/internet ate last nights post!

What I was trying to tell you was that Carol noticed plastic ware in NZ with the same trademark as featured on a card of NZ sourced buttons I’ve featured,  as well as the name ‘Falcon Plastics”.  I had a look on Trademe auction site and discovered that Falcon Plastics used to make “Duraware” melamine picnic ware in New Zealand.  It confirms that the card of buttons featured on the NZ Buttons page was in fact from Falcon Plastics.

 Note that historically there were “falcon ware” ceramic vases etc that were not connected with this firm. Also, there is a current firm by the same name based in America; again, no relation.

One thought on “30th November 2017

  1. Carol Fenselau

    Hi Cathy,
    The picnic set I saw in New Zealand was similar to the bright yellow as illustrated in your third picture. Not a harlequin set but all yellow. The setting was for four persons and of strong very durable quality.
    The raised Falcon Ware base mark included the Falcon bird along with the words. Carol.


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