10th December 2017

I had a delivery of parcels today, even though it’s Sunday.  The gentleman said he wouldn’t be having a day off until after Christmas!  I know you have to ‘make hay whilst the sun shines’ but that’s tough.  It’s not like they get paid well anyway.  Back to the delivery.  I received something I have been waiting for with anticipation …. a box of Astoria Saftey Buttons direct from New Zealand.

Advertising card

Beutron sold the same product as ‘Cardigan Buttons’ in 1950-51.

From Lois: cardigan buttons with the instruction on the back.

This was a whole box of them, with cardboard inserts to set the box up for counter-top display.

Here are a selection of the variety the box contained:

You might notice that the card is the same as that used at one stage by Beauclaire.  Astoria was a brand name used by the NZ branch of General Plastics.  Strange, a Beauclaire card with a Beutron product.  Could this be after the 1957 merger? Did one company copy the idea from the other?

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