30th December 2017

Hope you all had a good Christmas.  I did.  Hubby put up some shelving for my other collection (vintage plastic cannisters and kitchenali from the 1940-60s) so now they are nicely displayed. Most collectors collect more than one thing, don’t they?

Perhaps the coming new year is a time to cast a critical eye over our treasures. Are our collection lacking focus?  Are we hording rather than truly collecting?  My button collecting was a bit haphazard to begin with,  and I may well divest some to make room for my favourites.

Latest finds:

These look like they are from the same firm that sold “Fashionable Buttons’ as the red and silver printed stripes are similar (see the page for Unbranded/generic examples).  The buttons are glass, however, so they weren’t made locally.

Also; some late 1960s-early 1970s Woolies and some 1970-?80s Embassy cards.

One thought on “30th December 2017

  1. Cam Smith

    Some of us are ‘Bower Birds’ drawn to things for no logical reason. But it is a great way to destress and relax.

    Please have a look at ‘Australian Military Button Collectors’ on Face Book. The group is small but growing. Currently members range from beginner to expert authors of Button books and metal detectorists looking to understand their finds.

    Many thanks for your excellent blog.

    Cam Smith


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