20th January 2017

Fundraising Buttons: part 4

Right from the start fundraising buttons were intended for collecting, and people did!  Stories appeared in newspapers about these collectors. Sometimes mothers passed on their war time to their children. Members of the Patrick family (manufacturers of the buttons) built up impressive collections.

The Advertiser (Adelaide) 19th July 1929.

The Sun (Sydney) 17th June 1934.

The Mail (Adelaide) 6th July 1935.

News (Adelaide) 23rd June 1936.

Sunday Times (Perth)13th May 1945.

Warwick Daily News 14th October 1947.

Newcastle Morning Herald 11th September 1953.

Newcastle Morning Herald, 10th September 1949.

For further information see: http://www.ephemerasociety.org.au/2014/04/buttons-for-collectors-comforts-for-soldiers/

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