8th February 2018

Tailor’s button;

J. F. Holle and Co. Pty Ltd:  Sydney

In 1839 2 tailors, John Frederick Holle, a native of Bremen, Germany, and Henry Stone arrived in Sydney aboard the ship ‘Eurphrates’ from London with a tailor named William Mueller to work for him. As Mr Mueller died in 1841, they established a partnership.

They dissolved this partnership in 1855, with Holle leaving the colony. In 1860 he announced his return from Europe.

George Street, Sydney: The firm operated in this line of buildings, approx 3rd window from the left. Photo c.1868. (Sydney Living Museum collection).

Holle was well acquainted with tragedy. Four children died in infancy. A 6 year old son died and an 8 year old drowned. A 26 year old son suicided and later the same year, a 27 year old son also died. John,however died in his 80th year on the 23rd February, 1889. The firm continued as J.F. Holle and Co. Pty Ltd, and went into liquidation in 1957.

Morning suit c.1913 from the collection of the Museum of Applied Arts. The buttons are enscribed “Holle Sydney”.


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