1st March 2018

Manufacturer’s branded buttons:

Goodura: (Brand name of Goode, Durrant and Murray Ltd)

In 1882 a firm by the name of ‘Goode, Durrant, Tite and Co’ was started in Adelaide as a softgoods importer, becoming ‘Goode, Durrant & Co’ in 1894 when William Henry Tite retired. In 1887 an office was opened in Perth.  From around 1899 a factory for manufacturing menswear under the ‘Federal Clothing’ brand started, extending to ladies wear and footware. To improve profitability, the company merged in 1934 with the South Australian, West Australian and Broken Hill branches of the firm of D. & W. Murray Ltd to form Goode, Durrant and Murray Ltd. ( The overlapping letters G, D and M of the company’s name can be seen near the top of the card).

The trademark ‘Goodura’ ( a contraction from Goode and Durrant, but also referring to ‘good and durable’) was registered in 1921. It initally was used for the company’s carpets, floor cloths and oilcloths, but would be used for other materials, hats, coats, trousers, shirts, suits, boots and pyjamas.

2 thoughts on “1st March 2018

  1. Katie

    Hi! I recently found an antique crochet hook, stamped:
    Made in England

    I’m having difficulty locating information on it, and was wondering if it might be from this company?

    The hook is metal, small, and comes with a cap.


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