3rd March 2018

New finds:

Woolworths lines: Spares and Moonglow. 1950s.

1950s Beauclaire and Leda.

1950s Beutrons.

New tailor’s button

David Campbell, Warracknabeal:

David (Davy) Campbell described himself as a Scotsman, but was born in Melbourne in 1875. He came to Western Victoria circa 1899 where he ran a tailoring business, first in Warracknabeal, then Horsham, then Dimboola before moving back to Melbourne. He died in Yarraville in 1945. He must have had quite a sense of humour ( and a ‘thing’ about camels)… just look at his advertising!

16th Jan 1914.

5th May 1914.

7th July 1914.

25th September 1914.

26th Oct 1915.

2nd Nov 1915.

7th February 1919.

18th July 1919.

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