5th March 2018

More tailors’ buttons:

Marks & Kent, Melbourne:

Marks & Kent first advertised in Melbourne newspapers in 1884. Their tailoring and outfitting business was in the “The Little Monster” store, 107 Swanston Street (current site of the Manchester United Building). In 1886 Henry Morris Marks  and Albert Samuel Kent ended their partnership with Kent continuing alone, possibly until 1891. He left for West Australia before 1903 and died there in 1916.

Henry (Harry) Morris Marks (Zvi Ben Moshe) became a sharebroker and lived in Albert Park. He died in 1909.

Capon & Montgomerie, Melbourne:

In 1902 Messers Capon and Montgomerie were delighted to announce their new tailoring store in Collins St.  Walter William store has previously managed the Mutal Store.

The Herald, 11 Sep 1913.

Norman Leslie Mongomerie, supposedly the best dressed man in Melbourne, died in 1926 aged 55 years. After this the business was sold to Walter Arnold Walker who continued trading under the Capon & Montgomerie name, but had to sell everything to pay his creditors in 1927. After his partner’s death Mr Capon continued as an outfitter until his retirement. He lived in Camberwell and died in 1941.

Norman Montgomerie, 1925

Chas. Lane & Co, Melbourne

Charles Lane ran a high class tailor’s in Flinders Street from 1902 until the business was absorbed into the business of a neighbouring tailor’s in 1929.

Table Talk, 5th April 1917.

The Herald, 28th Oct 1921.

On the label “Chas. Lane & Co.:Pty.Ltd.:Elizabeth St. Melbourne. 1917. Museum Victoria collection.











Charles bought pasture in Coleraine in 1933,  and despite having no prior experience as a grazier was very successful. He appeared to have a long term connection with Western Victoria: a local agent was selling clothes from his business in 1906. Unfortunately, he seemed to have seperated from his wife; they were not listed living together in the electoral rolls after 1919.

A mistake button!

The firm was Lowe’s Ltd not Low’s!

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